At Infinity Automation, we can create the most stunning installation for your yacht, all controlled from a centralised system on multiple devices. 


We can provide stunning and smart lighting controls and lighting scenes for every moment of the day in a fully-configured and controllable set up.

From RGBW LED Deck lights to fully customized cabin lighting utilizing the latest LED technology. We have the ability to control and create your bespoke lighting system with an in-depth knowledge that can create a practical but stunning lighting design for your yacht.  

Blinds, Curtains & Porthole Automation

With our smart technology, you will be able to automate your blinds to raise and lower with the rising and setting of the sun and even create a movie scene from a touch of a button.

Open and close your porthole or hatch with smart automation and if water is detected on deck have them close automatically with a notification sent to the Control station. 

Yacht CCTV

Possessing the ability to view your yacht from anywhere in the world is the smart security solution.

At Infinity Automation, we are able to offer you a solution to every CCTV requirement using the latest cutting edge technology. Whether this is integrated into your smart yacht application or a standalone CCTV system, we can install your required system giving you the peace of mind that your CCTV security requirements are completely met!


Heat detection area mapping 

Infinity Automation can give you the ability to set a virtual zone on the cameras field around the view of the yacht. Once a heat anomaly enters this zone,  alarms sound and notifications are set to inform you of a zone intrusion.


Remote access to your CCTV from shore and check in on your yacht or crew.

Heat Ventilation & Air Conditioning 

We take control of all HVAC requirements and configure them to create a system controlled independently while managed via a centralised system. This efficiently utilises the energy onboard.

Alarm Systems

At Infinity Automation, we can offer you the most adaptive and responsive smart alarm possible, whether it is needed for security, fire or personal protection. Be the first to be notified in the event of a trigger and have the ability to set multiple users in the event that you are not immediately available.

Activate your alarm and lock down your security shutters by one simple click of a button! 

If water is detected in your yacht hull, you will get an immediate notification, your alarm will be activated and the bilge pumps will start pumping automatically!


Smart presence simulation can also replay your activity from the past week. If you're away from your home on holiday or ashore from your yacht for a few nights, it can switch on and blinds open so it looks like someone is always at home or onboard.

Access Control 

At Infinity Automation, we can provide automated door entry throughout your yacht. These systems can be remotely accessed from any location in the world offering access to the yacht for crew, guests or tradesmen without needing to be near the marina.