Having the ability to view your property or business from anywhere in the world is the smart security solution.

We are able to offer you a solution to every CCTV requirement, using the latest cutting edge technology, whether this is integrated into your smart home application or a standalone CCTV system from analogue to Ip networked systems  - we have the ability to install your required system.
Access Control

From automated gate/door entry through to a whole building network entry system, we can configure and install the correct system to suit your requirements.

Gate entry can be configured to allow automatic entry using LPR camera technology which allows for preregistered license plates to enter and exit freely in a restricted zone.

Intercom network systems can be answered remotely giving the impression that the property is occupied and even allowing gates or garage doors to be opened for deliveries to be left.

Remote access control can be also installed and configured for many private and commercial applications, not only saving you time and money, but keeping you fully in control when away from your home, yacht or place of business.

Alarm Systems

At Infinity Automation, we can offer you the most adaptive and responsive smart alarm possible, whether it is needed for security, fire or personal protection. Be the first to be notified in the event of a trigger and have the ability to set multiple users in the possibility that you are not immediately available.

Push notifications can be sent to your mobile device and automatic phone calls can be configured in the event of an alarm trigger.

Our security systems allow for your lighting to flash and music servers to play a high decibel tone that notifies the surrounding area of the intrusion.

Multiple alarms can be configured for any single property allowing for different areas to be protected at any time.
The benefit of staging alarms is that you have full control over the detection. You may want to remotely view your property before the sirens and lights flash or you may prefer to have full alarm activation by double clicking your bed side light switch as a panic alarm during the night.

Activate your alarm and lock down your security shutters by one simple click of a button!

Gone is the need for key pads on the wall to activate and deactivate your alarm! This can now be configured to your personal requirements.

Imagine activating the alarm by triple clicking your hallway light switch on the way out of your property and deactivate by using your mobile device remotely or on entering your property using the iPad display on your wall.
Place your home into “Goodnight mode” from your phone in a simple touch of a button! You can shut all exterior shutters, switch off all lights and activate the alarm system to your requirements. The next morning you can deactivate all this and your property will go in to daytime setting!

Smart presence simulation can also replay your activity from the past week. If you're away from your home on holiday or ashore from your yacht for a few nights, the lights can switch on and blinds open so it looks like someone is always at home or onboard.
Alarm systems have never been so smart and secure!

IP CCTV & Smart Face Detection

Network based systems over IP allow for a series of cameras on the local area network to be recorded. A NVR system gives you far greater flexibility in installation, scalability and integration into existing security management systems.

This will also give you the ability to remotely view and store high volumes of recorded images onsite or for added security.


Face detection can be set to record and identify faces that enter a priority zone and trigger an alarm if required.


Zone detection

Gives you the ability to set a virtual zone on the cameras field of view, then once an object, person or car enters this zone a push notification or alarm can inform you of a zone intrusion.
This feature also gives you the ability to count in and out these objects to control flow or volume of the zone in real time.


Smart Tracking

Smart Tracking will monitor the flow or movement of individuals, cars or objects through a network of cameras. This gives you the view and ability to record the items movement in real time, which is useful in areas of high value items or crowd control.



License Plate Recognition has many positive applications. From detection of unauthorized parking of vehicles to automated gate control for access into your home or place of business.
License Plate Recognition can also enable a real time report to be populated compiling the movement of all vehicles, giving you the knowledge of who has visited and when.
Alarms can also be triggered when a known number plate enters the monitored area giving you an advanced warning.