Solar PV

With ever increasing energy costs, a Solar photovoltaic installation will help reduce your energy cost for years to come.

We can tailor the solar photovoltaic installation for any property, whether a home or business we have the correct solution for your installation and by using the highest quality products we can guarantee the installation will continue to payback for years after the initial investment has been paid.

Our aim when designing the system is to use as much as the energy generated at the property in the property and export as little as possible to the grid.

By doing so we can power heat-pumps, electric vehicles and many other current using items of equipment and therefore reduce the need to buy energy from the grid at a higher cost than the system can produce it for.


Battery Storage

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We can also help you to store the solar energy you don't use, Photovoltaic systems without a storage uses the electricity generated immediately then sends excess to the grid for very little in the way of payment.

This is rarely effective, since solar energy is mainly generated during the day, when the power demand of most households is low. However, electricity demand increases significantly in the evening. With a battery system the excess solar power produced during the day can be used when it is actually needed.

Without having to change your habits whilst the sun is shining. This energy is saved in a home storage battery for use later in the day when the sun is no longer shining .

The right combination of solar panel systems and battery can permanently reduce your energy bills and optimise the self-consumption of your PV system.


EV Charging

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Whether a standalone system that will draw power from the grid at a time that suits you or a system that will enable you to harness the power of sun with solar photovoltaics charging into a battery storage system then pulling the excess power from the battery to charge your vehicle, power that would otherwise go back to the grid.


We can offer a system for your home or business with solutions for standalone chargers through to fleet charging and our installations will meet your requirements to optimise energy available to you and your charging station. 



Energy Management

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We are able to install smart energy management solutions for your home or business. Helping you to reduce your overall energy use and decrease your bills.

This can be achieved from either an energy management system that is purely used for the management your solar photovoltaic system and distributing the power to a choice of current drawing devices or a building management system that will also carry out the same tasks as an energy management system but enable you to have a greater level of control not only on the solar photovoltaics but on the system as a whole including battery storage, EV charging, HVAC lighting to name a few.